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 The current challenges facing universities, namely – expansion in enrollment, dwindling financial resources, inability to attract young faculty, inadequate academic and physical infrastructure, pressure from stakeholders for more accountability, as well as the competitive environment within which the institutions operate –have combined to make leadership training and succession planning an issue of great importance.

Higher Education for Development, through funding from the United States Agency for International Development, commissioned a study by the Association of African Universities (AAU) to map a strategy for institutional capacity building in senior and middle level management and leadership for sub-Saharan African higher education institutions.

The Sub-Saharan Africa Higher Education Leadership Development (SAHEL) study aimed to (a) map major challenges on leadership, governance, and management; (b) analyze AAU’s Leadership Development and Management Development program and integrate the recommendation from the African Capacity Building Foundation review report; and (c) make recommendations based on the assessment in order to ensure that the program meets the need of leadership training programs in Africa.