Additional partners: The Miriam Hospital, Tufts University, Yale University.

To tackle challenges in providing care for people with HIV in Ghana, the partners addressed the need for more health care workers and improved training and resources for those in the caring professions. Poor working conditions, low pay, lack of career development, and a shortage of medicine, information, and essential tools fuel the “brain drain” of professionals to other countries.

This partnership addressed the care gap by enhancing the capacity of the University of Ghana in its educational programs, research, and community engagement that resulted in improved response to HIV/AIDS challenges in Ghana. The project included distance learning, short-term training courses, and university outreach as well as training for 130 University of Ghana students, faculty, and staff in Tufts University’s Sciences Knowledgebase (TUSK).

The partners built a sustained academic partnership to bolster the quality of healthcare education and research and built faculty capacity at the University of Ghana. Activities included short-term training, mentoring, exchanges, and research grants.

At a Glance

Partner Institutions:

Brown University; University of Ghana


Sub-Saharan Africa


Jul 2011–Jun 2013

Funding Level:


Cost Share:


Success Story

A multi-faceted partnership between the University of Ghana and Brown University addressed the obstacles of HIV/AIDS management in Ghana through educational offerings, training, research, and community engagement.

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