HED receives funding from USAID's Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and the Environment, Office of Education (E3/ED), USAID's functional and regional Bureaus and worldwide Missions and the U.S. Department of State to support higher education partnerships that advance global development, economic growth, good governance, and healthy societies. These partnerships provide training, applied research, program evaluation, policy analysis, and program implementation—all of which are critical to furthering the United States' foreign assistance goals.

Leader with Associate Agreement

HED, under a Leader with Associate Agreement (LWA), provides resources across each of the U.S. Agency for International Development's program areas. Through Associate Awards, HED works directly with Missions to design programs that access the expertise and resources of an estimated 2,800 higher education institutions and their overseas partners.

Cooperative Agreement

HED's continuing operations receive funding under USAID Cooperative Agreement AEG-A-00-05-00007-00.

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